On my latest podcast, Carolyn and I take a deep dive into leadership and the many signs of ‘Bad Leadership’ to be aware of in yourself and others.

With over 20 years working in Human Resources, operating at Board level within some of the World’s largest employers and biggest household names, Carolyn became a specialist in Transformational Change, Lean Operations, Leadership and Followership.

She is now working as a Board member to run the day-to-day operations at 15ten15, to revolutionize the way the recruitment industry provides services to candidates, business leaders and HR professionals.

She is the founder of her own business Redefining SELFISH and author of ‘All The Tw*ts I Met Along The Way’ and ‘Redefining SELFISH’.

In the podcast interview, Carolyn and I spoke about: 

  • What bad leadership looks like
  • The worst habits and biggest mistakes leaders make
  • What leaders should be doing if they recognise they have fallen into bad behaviours and habits
  • The most important areas for a leader to work on to become a better leader
  • Masculine traits versus feminine traits in a leader
  • How the profile of what good leadership looks like needs to change!

If you want to explore your performance as a leader, you can take our free ‘Leadership Diagnostic’ at www.theleadershiptrainingworkshop.com to find how you are performing in 9 key areas of leadership.