Escaping The 5 Mind-Traps Of Survival Thinking

Throughout Tony’s continued work on himself, his Psychological studies and his work with 1000s of leaders, he has come to one very important conclusion: Your mindset is the key to your future growth, success and fulfilment.

One of the most critical aspect of our thinking that can undermine us and hold us back is our Survival Psychology. Our survival instinct looks to keep us safe, but in modern life it can be damaging and hijack us.

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Dealing with Survival Thinking and how it can hijack you as a leader

As a leader you are continually focused on fire fighting and an ever-expanding list of things to do. This creates stress, a lack of clarity and anxiety.

One important challenge is the impact of your Survival Psychology. Your survival instinct and thinking are continually monitoring for threats, danger and weaknesses. In modern life this is very often exaggerated, imagined and distorted. It also frequently turns inwards to expose areas where you don’t feel good enough personally.

Tony Brooks is an experienced Leadership Specialist, an Author and is recognised as an inspiring and impactful speaker on Leadership Mindset and Survival Psychology.

Tony’s own journey as a senior leader for over 5 years and then MD of his own company (since 2007) has been as turbulent as the majority of leaders.

Audience and Signature Keynote

Tony typically works with Executive Leaders, Senior Leaders, New Leaders and Senior Teams of 20+ employee organisations.

These are leaders who are experiencing growing pains, stress and overwhelm and feel like they are continually firefighting rather than growing as a leader.

Tony’s signature keynote is ‘Survival Psychology – How to escape the 5 mind-traps of survival thinking’.

Key Takeaways

Imposter Syndrome and the fear of being found out


  • Why you may think you have Impostor Syndrome but you don’t!

  • Why feeling not good enough is a default setting for us all

  • Strategies to mitigate the impact of feeling you have Impostor Syndrome

Defensive Mindset and how this can block growth in leaders


  • Why we become defensive and why it holds us back
  • Handling mistakes, challenges and critical feedback to allow us to grow
  • Developing a growth mindset

Negative self talk and how the majority of our thinking is based on doubt, fear and negativity


  • Why we are wired to be pessimistic
  • How awareness and being conscious is your superpower!
  • Building optimism to fuel your success

The damage done by Ego to both a senior leader and their people


  • How Ego can make you compare, compete and leave you unfulfilled
  • Why it’s important to drop your Ego like a stone
  • Building self confidence without it disconnecting you from others

Group behaviour that can isolate and undermine leaders


  • Why we are still fundamentally group orientated in our behaviour
  • How group behaviour in your organisation can undermine you
  • Building positive teams and cultures

Tony’s inspirational speeches are suited for conferences, leaders and team building events. They can be tailored from 15 to 90 minutes.


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