On my latest podcast you will discover how to apply lessons from the world of Neuroscience to improve your performance as a business leader.

Lynda is a cognitive neuroscientist, a business psychologist and she specialises in working with people to recalibrate their thinking, especially in terms of communication, their own limitations and embracing change.

She is the founder of the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme, The Learning Lab, and she is an author, a mentor to senior leaders on behavioural change and a professional speaker and.  In fact, she is the current National President of the Professional Speaking Association.


In the podcast Lynda and I spoke about:

  • Why putting your brain in alpha frequency is beneficial to creativity and how to do this
  • How habits can sabotage us and why it’s better to replace bad habits than stop them
  • Is Imposter Syndrome a real thing?
  • How does survival instinct play out and hold us back in modern life?
  • How everyone builds a person a perception of reality and why that is the key to understanding others