Think See Do

Leadership Mindset Podcast Show

This podcast series will significantly change how you ‘Think’ in your leadership role so you ‘See’ yourself, your people and your team/organisation in a different and more positive way. This will enable you to ‘Do’ the right things to get the best results, increase success and create fulfilment for you and your people.

066 – The Challenges Of Ego – Dawn Wray

Our intention with this episode is to make you more aware of how Ego can play out and hijack you. The more consciously aware you are, the better choices you can make for your self and others. Because, whatever your view on ego (and definition), it can be very toxic! **** It is one of the 5 mind-traps in my new book 'Survival Psychology' **** On the episode we talked about: The relationship between Ego and self identity ** How does Ego can bring shame or a feeling of not being good enough ** Thoughts on competition (and comparison) ** How Ego has external behaviour or front, rather than expressing what is really going on underneath ** How situation and organisational culture plays a part ** The way we feel and what is logical aren't the same thing and how Ego impacts this **

065 – The Language Of Leadership – Felicity Wingrove

My latest podcast episode features an interview with Felicity Wingrove. Fliss is one of the UK’s leading experts in the applied psychology of language. On the interview we talked about: ✅ Fliss’s journey to where she is today ✅ What she does as a psycholinguist ✅ Why she feels words are so critical for leaders! ✅ How Leaders get their communication both wrong and right ✅ How leaders can ensure their most important messages land as they should ✅ Why ‘semantic density’ is important to consider for key words ✅ Fliss’s words for 2024 and her favourite words

064 – Lessons and reflections from my TEDx journey (interview with Helen Packham)

My TEDx journey and insights! Have a listen as I answer the following questions: • What made you want to do a TEDx talk? • How did you find the application process? • What decisions did you make in building the talk and content? • How did you rehearse? • What formal rehearsals were there? • How did you prepare the last 24 hours? • And on the day? • What have you done since? • What are your thoughts post the talk? • Would you recommend to others?

063 – Survival Psychology – My Book Journey (interview with Helen Packham)

My latest podcast episode features an interview with my coach Helen Packham where we discussed the journey to me writing my book Survival Psychology. On the interview we talked about: • What is the story behind the book? • How long has it taken? • How did you come about the title? • The cover? • What process did you use to write the book? • What changes did you make on the way? • How did you use test readers? • When will the book be published? • How can people get a copy? • What is the most important thing you want the book to do? For others ad yourself?

062 – The Mindset Of Inclusion – Interview Katie Allen

My latest podcast episode features an interview with Katie Allen is a specialist Equality and Inclusion Coach and Consultant. On the interview we talked about: ✅ Katie's journey to where she is today ✅ Why she is so passionate about inclusion ✅ The importance of Allyship ✅ What intersectionality is and why people should be aware of it ✅ How do we gain greater power and understanding by moving from Me to Us to We ✅ What leaders can do to raise awareness of these issues and shift cultures

061 – The Biology Of Leadership – Interview Rachael Edmonson-Clarke

This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachael Edmonson-Clarke  for my Podcast Show. We spoke about: ✅Rachael's journey from senior Sales & Marketing positions at companies like Mars to running her own business ✅How a person's biology can influence both their mood and performance ✅How leader's can take better care of themselves by focusing on the basics (NEWS) ✅What are the classic mistakes leaders make when they neglect their biology ✅The 4 ways to restore homeostasis ✅Why we need to think more like peak performance athletes!

060 – The Psychology Of Pricing – Interview Andrew Bailey

My latest podcast episode features an interview with Andrew Bailey, who is a pricing and negotiation specialist *** In our interview we talked about: ✅ The issues people face psychologically when pricing their services and products ✅ Where people go wrong with pricing ✅ What helps in terms of mindset ✅ How people and businesses can charge what they are worth ✅ The pitfalls of negotiation ✅ The 4 critical skills to develop And.... ✅ The most important piece of advice Andrew would offer around pricing!

059 – Therapeutical Approaches in Leadership and Coaching – Interview Dawn Wray

My latest podcast episode features an interview with Dawn Wray, who is a Gestalt Psychotherapist *** In our interview we talked about: ✔️How a more therapeutical approach can help leaders and others within organisations ✔️Examples of how leaders can get stuck and how they can become unstuck using therapeutical approaches ✔️The potential paradox between psychological safety and freedom for individuals within organisations ✔️How leaders can create boundaries and guardrails without people feeling they are being overly controlled ✔️Buzzwords in leadership that frustrate Dawn and why - Empowerment and Engagement being two of those!

058 – What Evolution Tells Us About Leadership – Interview Helen Packham

My latest podcast episode features an interview with my public speaking coach Helen Packham! *** In our interview, Helen and I discussed: Why evolution is important to our understanding of leadership *** How fear holds leaders back *** The ways can we use the learnings from evolution to our advantage *** Why fear can play such a part in public speaking *** How tribes work in organisations (in/out groups, silos, us &them) *** Impostor Syndrome and what is really going on ***The power of storytelling ***What leaders need to be aware of in terms of evolutionary factors

057 – The Delicate Balance Between Developing People & Parting Ways – Interview Beth Bearder

My latest podcast interview was with Beth Bearder. Beth is a specialist Employment Law Solicitor. In our interview, Beth and I discussed: Her journey to where she is today *** Beth’s key driving values in the work she does *** Whether businesses do enough to improve the performance of their people *** What they can do more of in this area *** Why businesses don't make the critical decisions to part ways with people soon enough *** What kind of reasonable adjustments businesses should be aware of to support people in their role *** What key things businesses need to be mindful of in terms of unfair dismissal and discrimination

056 – CEO Motorpoint Arena Nottingham – Interview Martin Ingham

My latest podcast interview was with Martin Ingham, the Chief Executive of Motorpoint Arena and National Ice Centre. In a fascinating discussion, Martin and I discussed: The 20+ year journey for Martin and the Arena * Some of the key highlights – Ed Sheran’s first arena gig, Beyonce, World Ice Hockey Championships * What the Arena has meant to the community in a broader sense * Amazing stories of innovation in catering, merchandising and security * What being ‘Risk Aware’ rather than ‘Risk Averse’ has meant * The ambitions for the future of the Arena, including the 25th anniversary celebrations in 2025 * Martin’s wish for the future – one of the most non ego fuelled I have ever heard!

055 – Writing Your Book – Interview Taryn Lee Johnston

My latest podcast interview was with Taryn Lee Johnston, owner of 2 book publishing companies and she was the publisher for my first book in 2015! Taryn and I discussed: -Why she has such a passion for books * How there is now no better way to position yourself as an expert than to write a book * What blocks people from writing their first book * How Taryn helps people write and publish their book, from start to finish * What makes a great non fiction book

054 – Imposter Syndrome – Interview Caroline Flanagan

My latest podcast interview was with Caroline Flanagan, the ‘Imposter Syndrome Coach for Lawyers’. Among many areas Caroline and I talked about: a) Her understanding of what Imposter Syndrome is, b) Why she feels so passionately about this topic, c) Whether she believe being labelled with imposter syndrome is helpful or detrimental, d) How Imposter Syndrome manifests and the symptoms (Caroline's 4 horsemen), e) What people can do to overcome this (and ACCEPTANCE is a key word here!

053 – Optimism – Your Superpower for 2023

In my latest podcast episode I explore Optimism in detail and share strategies to be more optimistic in your outlook. *** In this episode I look at: Why our default wiring has a tendency towards Pessimism + Why would you want to be more optimistic? + What are some proven benefits + Strategies to be more optimistic + Examples of research into optimism + How optimism can change your results

052 – Reflect, Direct and Grow in 2023

In this podcast I look at: The importance of reflection to assess what went well, not so well and your priorities are for 2023 + Clarifying the direction you intend to go in as you set sail in January + The goals, skills and changes that need to be made to grow + Quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily planning + The habits and routines that will bring the best out of you and your people + What are your sharks, lifebuoys, clouds and sunrays?

051 – Racism in the Workplace – Interview Claudia Crawley

Racism is still such a critical ‘stubborn devil’ for us all to work on and eradicate. Claudia’s journey and insights bring awareness for us all, especially those of us in more privileged positions. Among many areas, Claudia and I talked about: - Why racism is still such an important matter to address in the workplace and society at large - How the George Floyd killing has triggered changes for good and bad - Why Black Lives Matter is a cause to get behind - As white people, should we see someone’s colour? - What is the ‘Success Equation of Black and Asian Women’? - Why it’s important to focus on acts of ‘micro aggression’ as well as institutionalised racism - What leaders and organisations can do to step up and make a change

050 – CEO of Leicester Tigers Rugby Club- Interview Andrea Pinchen

On this episode Andrea and I talked about: - What made the difference for Leicester Tigers to win the premiership this year - What it would feel like to come 2nd or lower this season - The critical importance of transparency - The positive and negative ends of a battery - "If you leave voids people will fill them" - Why leaders need head space - Survival psychology and specifically tribal behaviour in organisations - Andrea's personal challenges with her own thinking and decision making - Leaving things in a better place than you found them

049 – Leadership Psychology – Interview Fiona Kearns

On the Podcast Episode Fiona Kearns and I discussed: • What the central parts are that Fiona does in her consultancy role • The ‘hang ups’ she sees that stop leaders projecting a ‘confident powerful presence’ • What Fiona’s views are on the ‘career injuries’ that can leave a lasting mark on leaders • The most important things for a leader to work on to grow in their role • What the challenges are that are unique to C-Suite leaders • What success truly looks like for a senior leader

046 – How Curiosity Can Fuel Your Success – Interview Charlie Whyman

My latest podcast interview was with Charlie Whyman, expert marketer and head of B2B Curious Marketing. She is also my wonderful Marketing Coach! Charlie has sold olive oil from Sardinia, laser scanners at the bottom of gold mines and drones to commercial ships! She knows what marketing works, what doesn’t and she helps business leaders avoid the marketing injuries that cause pain and ensure the focus is on proven strategies that work. Outside of work Charlie has a young son, is a keen cyclist and is a total tech geek! On the Podcast: • We also spoke in depth about the importance of remaining CURIOUS and CREATIVE in what you do and how to make sure you do that on a regular basis. • Charlie’s journey to where she is now and how being curious and creative has played a big part in her success • How leaders can tap into their curiosity and creativity more and why this is so important • Challenges Charlie has had with her own thinking and mindset on her journey and her strategies with this including “Slow down to speed up”

045 – The Importance Of Teamship – Interview Colin Mobey

My latest podcast interview was with Colin Mobey from Windward Coaching and Teamship expert! On the Podcast we covered Why stopping at a layby many times during a period of burnout led to an epiphany Colin’s path to setting up Windward Coaching His core philosophies, especially in relation to team performance and TEAMSHIP Why would should focus on ROOT cause over symptoms with people problems Why we should INVOLVE people more than ENGAGE them How ‘Survival Psychology’ can impact the performance of teams What he sees the future of teams looking like

044 – Culture Change and Wellbeing – Interview Sarah Markham

On the podcast I interviewed Culture Change and Wellbeing Expert Sarah Markham, We looked at a range of areas including: - What Sarah's path has been to creating Calm In A Box - How her thinking has caused her challenges through the years and what she has learned from that - Why Sarah thinks culture, engagement and wellbeing are so important for organisations and individuals - What’s in her toolbox to take good care of herself that you can learn from - Why we need to ‘Be Well’ FIRST to ‘Do Well’

043 – Increasing Your Creativity in Business & Life – Interview Mark Walmsley

On my latest podcast Mark Walmsley (Brand Strategist and leader of a network for the arts and culture sectors) and I took a fascinating look at CREATIVITY. How can we be more creative? What are some brilliant examples of creativity? Mark and I discussed - Why creativity should be seen as ‘intelligence having fun’ - How creativity has played an important part in his life - Why creativity is important to business leaders - How we can become more creative - Some amazing examples of creativity - 3 important questions to ask yourself when making a decision

041 – The Ups and Downs of Remote Working – Interview with Kathryn Rodgers

On my latest podcast Kathryn and I took a look at the positives that have come about due to remote and hybrid working. But we also discussed the pitfalls and important issues to be mindful of. Kathryn is an independent HR consultant who works with small businesses to help them find the right HR solutions for their company and their people. You can find her here -

040 – Bad Leadership – Interview with Carolyn Hobdey (HR Expert)

On my latest podcast, Carolyn and I take a deep dive into leadership and the many signs of 'Bad Leadership' to be aware of in yourself and others. With over 20 years working in Human Resources, operating at Board level within some of the World's largest employers and biggest household names, Carolyn became a specialist in Transformational Change, Lean Operations, Leadership and Followership. She is now working as a Board member to run the day-to-day operations at 15ten15, to revolutionize the way the recruitment industry provides services to candidates, business leaders and HR professionals. She is the founder of her own business Redefining SELFISH and author of 'All The Tw*ts I Met Along The Way' and 'Redefining SELFISH'.

039 – Neuroscience in Business – Interview with Dr Lynda Shaw

On my latest podcast you will discover how to apply lessons from the world of Neuroscience to improve your performance as a business leader. Lynda is a cognitive neuroscientist, a business psychologist and she specialises in working with people to recalibrate their thinking, especially in terms of communication, their own limitations and embracing change. She is founder of the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme, The Learning Lab, and she is an author, a mentor to senior leaders on behavioural change and a professional speaker and. In fact, she is the current National President of the Professional Speaking Association.

038 – Neuroscience Nuggets – Part 2

Over a series of episodes, I will be taking an interesting look into a range of findings from the world of Neuroscience, so you can apply the lessons in your business life.

037 – Neuroscience Nuggets – Part 1

Over a series of episodes, I will be taking an interesting look into a range of findings from the world of Neuroscience, so you can apply the lessons in your business life.

034- Psychology In Leadership – Part 1

Over a series of episodes, I will be taking an interesting look into a range of psychological theories and research, so you can apply the lessons in your business life.

031 – Preparing and Planning for 2021 – Leadership Insight 8

What a year it’s been! None of us could have foreseen what 2020 had install for us as we went into the festive break 12 months ago. You have no doubt faced many challenges, learned some new lessons and made changes. The question for you now is what do you want 2021 to look like? In my latest podcast and blog I help you with some important thinking to close this year down and set off on the next one in the best possible way.

030 – Ego, Impostor Syndrome and The Fear Of Not Being Good Enough – Leadership Insight 7

We are continually looking for risks, deficiencies & problems. This inevitability turns inwards & this is when Ego, Impostor Syndrome and the fear of not being good enough can take hold. This is the 2nd ‘Leadership Insight’ podcast episode in the new series, where we will take a look at this fascinating area and how to limit the damage this can cause for us all.

028 – Resolving Problems and Disputes – Interview Pete Colby

Pete Colby is an expert in mediation, within businesses and organisations. After previous rolls in HR and Manufacturing, followed by a senior role in HR, Pete set up his own business, called Pragmatism, to help businesses and organisations steer their way successfully through employee disputes.

027 – Employee Engagement and Culture – Interview Heidi Thompson

What are employee engagement and culture all about and why are they so important? Heidi Thompson has held positions in HR for ever 20 years and has been HR Director at Duncan and Toplis for 3 years. She is currently involved in a large project to establish and drive a culture at Duncan and Toplis that will support their 5 year strategy. I saw Heidi speak at a Duncan and Toplis event in November 2019 and thought she would make a really interesting guest on the Leadership Mindset series.

026 – Richard Hill – Leadership Interview 11

Keeping Yourself Motivated as an SME Business Owner - Richard Hill has owned SME businesses for over 20 years and has been the MD of 2 digital agencies for over 10 years. In the podcast Richard and I spoke about: a) The importance of having a passion for what you do, b) How to start the day well, c) Planning to keep focused, d) Dealing with difficult challenges in business, e) How to get the best out of your people

025 – Donna Smith – Leadership Interview 10

My latest interviewee for the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series was Donna Smith Donna’s expertise is in avoiding burnout, after having a major incident with this herself over 2 years ago.

024 – Ade Fleet – Leadership Interview 9

Improving teamwork through your creativity. My latest interviewee for the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series was Ade Fleet. Ade is an expert in increasing creativity in organisations. Join us for a 5 step approach to bring more creativity into your teams and your work.

023 – Pam Burrows – Leadership Interview 8

Pam is an expert on managing stress, resilience and personal wellbeing. She's been in business for 20 years and her business is called People Booster! I've known Pam for a number of years, through the Professional Speakers Association and she has recently become president of the East Midlands Region! If you want to learn about your own personal red flags, your own non-negotiable wellbeing habits and a whole range of dos and don’ts, grab a coffee and join us for a fascinating half an hour.

022 – World Class Delivery – Leadership Skill 9

In this podcast, we'll look at the importance of drilling down your 3 year vision (from skill 8) into actionable 90 day plans. How to measure your results, changes and improvements. Finally, we’ll look at delivering exceptional customer service.

018 – John Dabrowski – Leadership Interview 7

My latest interviewee for the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series was John Dabrowski and in amongst a whole wealth of interesting topics we spoke about: John’s journey from broke 5 years ago to having a successful international business The importance of starting your day well in order to be more resilient Why it is so crucial to be positive with yourself and others The wonders of visualisation and dream boards I’ve known John for several years and he’s always a fascinating and inspiring person! John is now an international speaker, best-selling author and mental resilience expert. He is working with clients like Rolls Royce, Aviva, Hilton, Cunard and Nat West Bank. He’s spoken across the world including the Queen Mary2 and San Diego, where he spoke at the same conference as Barrack Obama! In his early years he played professional basketball and also played for England - he still holds the current British record for the most points scored in a single match. which is 98.     He overcame great difficulties 5 years ago where at the age of 60 he was broke, living with his mum and decorating to pay the bills. He then applied the techniques and philosophy he now uses in his talks and masterclasses to turn his entire life around in dramatic fashion. His insights from his journey and life experiences fill the 30-minute interview so grab a coffee and have a listen.

017 – Your Greatest Asset – Leadership Skill 5

Although your people present challenges and can be the toughest part of your business or organisation to manage, doing it well will have the biggest impact on your results! Achieving your results with your people will be so much easier.

016 – A Winning Culture – Leadership Skill 4

In this podcast we are going to focus on the 4th skill from the ‘Think See Do’ Leadership model. Specifically how you ‘Think’ about your ‘People’. It covers 3 important areas for you to consider as you look to build a winning culture - your identity, living & breathing your identity and creating fun & flexibility.

015 – Adam Harris – Leadership Interview 6

My latest interviewee for the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series was Adam Harris and we covered many areas, including: • The benefits of morning and evening meditation • Journaling with purpose • Focusing on and achieving the right goals • Values – company, personal and family! • Delegating your ‘NOT to do list’ Adam is the Vistage Ambassador, Professional Speakers Association President (East Midlands) and head of his own company Fresh Mindset (in amongst a variety of other roles!) Adam has worked his way up the business ladder, from being a trolley boy, and is now known as ‘The Introducer’. Adam helps business leaders to develop and leverage strategic networks for enhanced results. He’s also the co author of ‘The Check in Strategy Journal’ – a unique business tool to help owners, managers and team leaders plan and deliver with accountability Adam is always interesting company and I know the interview will bring you insights as to how you can change the way you 'Think', 'See' and 'Do' in your leadership role.

014 – Simon Gray – Leadership Interview 5

My latest interviewee for the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series was Simon Gray and we covered many areas, including the need for habits and a rigid structure to Simon’s daily routine. This includes lunchtime Brazilian jiu jitsu!   Simon is an executive career coach and his passion is to help senior executives from across the world navigate the executive job market successfully. He is also the author of three books, including 'Super Secrets of Successful Executive Job Search'​, which has received multiple 'five-star' reviews and is available on Amazon worldwide. His insights from his career and life experiences fill the 30-minute interview so grab a coffee and have a listen.

013 – Positive Mindset For 2019 – Leadership Insight 5

How are you going to be the best you can be in 2019? This critically is about how you 'Think' and how you 'See' yourself, others and your world. Unless you keep a strong focus on this to keep your mindset strong and positive, 2019 will fall short for you.   This podcast focuses on 4 areas - Lifebuoys, Sharks, Clouds and Sunrays

012 – Gary Gorman – Leadership Interview 4

Gary Gorman is a trainer, author and business speaker. He specialises in helping corporate businesses negotiate better deals, contracts and prices through training workshops, consultation support and online programmes. Gary began his career selling Duracell batteries to corner shops before then joining Wilkinson Sword as a National Account Sales Manager when he developed their business with Tesco and other UK high street names. Gary then joined The Boots Company where, after various senior sales roles, he became UK Training Manager for Boots Healthcare International. Gary set up his own sales training business in 2005 and since then has worked with hundreds of businesses both in the UK and abroad, spoken at numerous conferences and meetings and written two business books: ‘The 30 Day Sales Challenge’ & ‘Inside The Entrepreneur’s Mind’.

011 – The Power Of Language – Leadership Insight 4

How we ‘Think’ and ‘See’ our world is shaped by the language we use on a daily basis. This impacts on what we ‘Do’. The problem is that we’re not fully aware of the language we use and much of this can be on autopilot. This can result in the use of unchecked negative language, doubtful language and mannerisms. It’s important for us all to be significantly more conscious of the language we use  In this 'Leadership Insight' we are going to examine the language we use and misuse.

009 – Suresh Bawa – Leadership Interview 3

Suresh Bawa is a serial entrepreneur with varying business interests in radio, media and marketing. He recently launched a national coffee business - the Sassy Coffee Company. He is founding trustee of Promise Dreams, a national charity helping terminally and seriously ill children.  In 2016 he climbed Kilimanjaro with his son Arran, to raise money for Promise Dreams and this year he is off to climb Mount Everest Base Camp to raise funds again. His insights from his life experiences and business challenges were insightful and I’m sure will be useful for you on your journey.

008 – Don Goodman – Leadership Interview 2

Don Goodman is an ex footballer with a career spanning over 20 years from 1983 to 2004, including periods at Sunderland, Wolves and West Bromwich Albion. As well as previously running a successful Health & Fitness business, Don is now a full time pundit on Sky Sports. His insights from his life experiences, sport and business were truly fascinating. 

007 – Shaz Nawaz – Leadership Interview 1

Shaz Nawaz is a Chartered Accountant, the owner of 4 businesses, author of 3 books, a Peterborough City Counsellor and a big cricket fan! Shaz shared his honest experiences and gave some great responses to a series of questions on his leadership journey.

005 – Growth and Fixed Mindset – Leadership Insight 2

This 'Leadership Insight' podcast looks at the differences between holding a Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset. It examines how important it is for us to move to a Growth Mindset view of our word, but individually and collectively within teams and organisations. How do you see your abilities?

001 – Welcome to Leadership Mindset

In this first episode we look at the importance of focusing on your mindset as a leader. How we are all doing things on a daily basis, but need to take time to shift our thinking and the way we see our world.