My TEDx talk ‘Unleashing Your Creativity By Escaping Your Survival Thinking’ is now live and you can watch it here 

The feedback has been excellent and this is from people who were there on the day:

“You absolutely nailed it!! Such an inspiration and such a powerful message that I really needed to hear today” DONNA E SMITH – The Burn Bright Coach for Lawyers

“Tony delivered with such passion and enthusiasm, and he left me hanging onto every word. I wanted to write down every bit of wisdom immediately!” Beth Bearder

“You really were phenomenal. You were fantastic, your talk was incredible and I would go so far to say it was like faultless!” Charlie Whyman

“Tony’s knack for bringing psychology to life is just extraordinary! His stories, especially the one about his teeth, cleverly connected to the fear symbolised by a Sabre-Toothed tiger, were both enlightening and entertaining” Pete Colby

It may well be that you are contemplating doing a TEDx talk or are just interested in the journey from application to delivery and beyond!

In my latest podcast episode the tables are turned and I am interviewed by my Coach and Leadership Behavioural Specialist – Helen Packham!

On the interview Helen put the following questions to me:

  • What made you want to do a TEDx talk?
  • How did you find the application process?
  • What decisions did you make in building the talk and content?
  • How did you rehearse?
  • What formal rehearsals were there?
  • How did you prepare the last 24 hours?
  • And on the day?
  • What have you done since?
  • What are your thoughts post the talk?
  • Would you recommend to others?

Have a listen, as I share a range of insights from my experience.