PI Leadership: The 7 Steps to Peak Performance as a Business Leader

Survival Psychology – Escaping The Mind-Traps Of Survival Thinking(Leadership Guide)

Understand the 5 ways your Survival Thinking can hijack you (Impostor Syndrome, Defensive Mindset, Ego, Negative Self-Talk, Group Behaviour) and how to free yourself from their impact on your mindset and performance.

Key takeaways from the book

  • Why you may think you have Impostor Syndrome, but you don’t!
  • How to handle mistakes, challenges and feedback to move out of a Defensive Mindset and enable you to grow
  • Why we are wired for pessimism and Negative Self-Talk, but how being conscious will be your superpower
  • How to overcome the 3 Cs of Ego (Competing, Complaining and Criticising)
  • How to shift Group Behaviour from being divisive to being a power for good
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Here’s what readers are saying already…..

“This is a unique and ground breaking book in the area of leadership mindset” – Professor Paul McGee, Sunday Times Best Selling Author, The SUMO Guy

“I wish I had read this book 10 years ago! A must read for any leader”- Beth Bearder, Legal Director & Employment Lawyer at Halborns Law Firm

“It has made me think and re-evaluate my approach to leading my team and I will most certainly be trying out a number of the new working methods. A fantastic read” – Karl Brooks, MD of Ti-Tek LTD

“For anyone interested in surviving the pressures of leadership. In fact, I would go so far as say, thriving is a better word. ” – Dr Lynda Shaw, International Speaker, Neuroscientist and Leadership Psychologist

“It’s not just a book; it’s a journey into the heart of what makes us tick and do the things we do.” – Charlie Whyman, B2B Marketing Strategist and MD of TGIS Aviation LTD

“Survival Psychology is a gem in the world of personal development and leadership. Tony masterfully uncovers the ways we hinder our own progress and provides practical tools to break free from these limitations” – Rachael Edmonson-Clark, Leadership Behavioural Expert, Professional Speaking Association President

“Tony practically yet sensitively writes as someone with lived experience, and expert professional knowledge.”- Dawn Wray, Gestalt Psychotherapist and co-founder of The Listening Collective

“The book provides useful insights into our psyche as well as practical tools to help control our primitive responses and enable us to fulfil much more of our potential as a leader” – Iain Walker, Commercial Director, Ohme

What shines through clearly is Tony’s knowledge and deep understanding of the issues so many of us face in work and life” – Natalie Creasy, Little Soul Shack, Yoga Therapist, Advanced Meditator

“Tony has a fantastic way of grounding it in our working world and giving practical and useful advice and tools on how we can master our survival thinking for a happier more successful career” – Helen Packham, Leadership Behaviour Specialist

“What sets this book apart is its immediate applicability. Tony doesn’t just diagnose the problems; he provides practical tools and solutions to escape these mind traps” – Colin Mobey, Team Development Consultant

Amazon 5* Reviews

A refreshing approach to the “mind traps” faced in leadership and personal growth

Tony doesn’t just diagnose the problems; he provides practical tools and solutions to escape these “mind traps”. The standout chapter on ego is a gem, seamlessly blending insight and actionable advice.

As someone who loves a complex topic, I really resonated with the conversational approach, making complex psychological concepts accessible without resorting to corporate jargon. The book focuses on leaders, but it would be incredibly useful to those aspiring to lead or simply wanting to ‘be better’ in their day to day approach to challenges, fears, and frustrations.

Amazon Review

Why we are not ideally suited for the modern world!

A really easy read that covers so much of the mindset that so many Business Leaders experience. As humans we evolved over millions of years to survive in a very different environment to the one we all live in now, so it should not come as a surprise that we may face a few challenges.

Amazon Review

Fabulous read – couldn’t put it down

Started reading ‘Survival Psychology’ by Tony Brooks at 9.30 am today. I couldn’t put it down and have just finished the book in one day. This book is fantastic. I’ve taken away some fabulous tools for me personally and a couple of areas to focus on both for me and for our clients. I can’t recommend this book enough

Amazon Review

This book took me on both a personal and a leadership journey. A fantastic read.

Just when you think you are strong and polished in your own area of expertise, this book demonstrates that there is always a different way to manage and lead. It has made me think and re-evaluate my approach to leading my team and I will most certainly be trying out a number of the new working methods. A fantastic read.

Amazon Review

One of the most helpful reference guides for Leaders – that’s quick to read

I can honestly say this book is one you need on your desk – not just to read once but to refer back to over time. It’s not just a book; it’s a journey into the heart of what makes us tick and do the things we do. Whether you’re battling your own challenges or just fascinated by the power of the human mind, it gives us tools to better understand our behaviours so that we can respond positively and keep moving forwards.

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PI Leadership: The 7 Steps to Peak Performance as a Business Leader

Tony Brooks is the author of PI Leadership: The 7 Positive Insight Steps to Peak Performance as a Business Leader. This leadership development book is a treasure chest of practical advice you can implement immediately to make a difference to your results and fulfilment in your leadership development journey. This will be invaluable whether you are an SME leader, executive leader in an organisation, or a solo business owner.

This book will revolutionise your leadership mindset and dramatically changed the way you ‘Think’ about and ‘See’ your world, enabling you and your people to ‘Do’ the right things to significantly improve your results.

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Tony Brooks’ PI Leadership stays permanently on my bedside table. Here’s why…

Before tackling the more technical areas of marketing and sales, Tony prioritises vital elements such as self-leadership and developing a brand. His focus is on YOU developing YOUR leadership skills, and this is really helpful when we engage in a process of putting our own personal values and those of our businesses into concrete statements, ready to be translated as meaningful marketing messages.

At the end of the book Tony’s passion for getting to know his readers and helping in any way he can is highlighted again by his invitation to contact him with any questions. I’ll be dipping into this book over and over again for useful tip and ideas. I thoroughly recommend this book for all those seeking to increase success and fulfilment as a leader.

Amazon Review

A really useful well written book

I found it easy to adapt the strategies into my own business and keep dipping back into the book as my business grows. Highly recommend.

Amazon Review – Victoria Branch

Read the book, get the T-shirt

I was recommended this book and I was glad I was. The book covers similar ground to others I have read but what makes it great is the simple, practical way it communicates. You can apply it immediately and get results immediately. I have read the book, seen Tony speak, and have now been on a course run by him. All very beneficial. Just need to get the T-shirt.

Amazon Review – Patrick Burge

PI (Positive Insight) Leadership…exactly what it says…great read, and reference book to refer back to.

Fantastic Book…I don’t often read a book twice, straight after, but this one I will.
Full of lots of useful insights…some you’ve perhaps heard before, lots you haven’t…But now they are all in one book.
Tony also runs a course to support the book to develop the skills and work through the exercises in the book…5*
I bought 2 more as gifts! Well done Tony Brooks.

Amazon Review – Martin Aukland

Five stars

Excellent book with some good ways to manage yourself effectively and keep positive. A must for all business leaders.

Amazon Review

Attaining Excellence In Your Coaching & Management Skills

Training yourself to lead yourself and others is a prerequisite for a successful business. Reading through the thoughts, knowledge, facts, exercises and resources embedded in the book will propel any proactive leader to excellence. I am really fascinated by the exercises thrown in the dice to reflect, remind and prompt readers to be self-conscious in pursuit of coaching knowledge to impact to all those that come into the circles of the leaders’ influence. 1. “Coaching is now becoming a form of management due to its effectiveness,” Realise Partners. 2. “Success starts with taking ownership of your success!” Bill Walsh. 3. “Wasting my time is wasting my life. I don’t give time-wasters a foothold in my life, if they are paying for my professional services or not.”

Amazon Review Sam Obeng Tuudah

An inspirational read

I read a lot of business and leadership books and this is one is great. I really do buy into the concept covered in the first three chapters about working on your own mindset first. You genuinely do feel better just for reading the book and when you start implementing things covered in the book it all becomes self perpetuating. I have started writing down 5 positive things everyday which also gives me a greater appreciation of things outside of business life.

The book is written in a fluid way which makes it really easy to understand and relate to. The exercises are good to fill in as you go along and make it more like a workshop with useful takeaway bits as you go along. My copy now sits on my desk with a select few inspiring books I have read in the past for reference when needed.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending reading this book.

Amazon Review Robert Deans

Does MORE than the title, highly recommended

Does more than the title! Yes it is an insight and is very easy to read. Some great points raised for me to think about and work on to become more positive, more often. As with the discovery workshop offer, fantastic! If you want to be more positive and become a better leader, having the right support and understanding is critical. I would highly recommend this, completely changed the last 3 months of my professional and personal life.

Amazon Review Craig Harbron

Insightful and practical ways to develop your leadership approach

A well written and concise book. Tony provides good insights referencing established research and ideas. Without the need to explain the theories underlying the insights he focuses on practical ways you can put the ideas into practice – which is what the book is all about. You’ll find some of the approaches and ideas new, some you will know or have heard of, however Tony puts them into a framework that enables you to develop your leadership style in a practical way. Great book to read, re-read and dip in and out of, use the exercises and be disciplined to implement them and they will make a difference.

Amazon Review Andrew Bailey

Great insights well presented accessible and helpful

This is a really good book with both nuggets to be had by dipping in and out with a greater value to be had from thoughtful study – it’s well worth getting and I intend revisiting it over and over again … Tony deserves a wide audience and its relevant foal levels of leadership so I would recommend It to everyone who has any responsibility and wishes to exercise it in a positive way that will benefit all around them, above and below.

Amazon Review Paul S Briggs

Positive review!

A clearly written and inspirational book, drawing upon the personal experiences of the author. It has certainly helped me to reevaluate my position in my career and recognise the changes necessary for a more successful future.

Amazon Review Patrick Tynan

A must for anyone serious about growing their business

I really enjoyed reading this, full of tips that will help you to become better in business and stay focused on your goals. Well worth reading.

Amazon Review Tarynleej

Five stars

Great book. I’ve been in several leadership positions over the years and this advice this book gives is excellent.

Amazon Review Peter Jones


Very well written and excellent material.

Amazon Review Mark

Best of its type

Insightful, well written and a must buy for anyone who’s looking to bring some positive strategies into their life.

Amazon Review Mrs D C Cornell

Five stars

A brilliant book for those who want to get somewhere in life.

Amazon Review

Five stars

Great insightful book on the subject. A wealth of information.

Amazon Review K C Webster

Positive mind and the correct tools to give excellent results

If you are serious about changing your mind set and results this book will help you to succeed. The focus and ideas in this book to help you control your thoughts and engage in positive thinking are brilliant and have helped me in my professional and personal life. The book focuses on all the key areas for a business to be successful and the techniques and ideas to have a clear business strategy plan of where you are and want to be are great.

I would highly recommend to extend further than just the book with the discovery workshop and if like me then further courses in the areas you feel could be better.

A very easy read.

Amazon Review Jonny V

This book will help you in business and in life!!

Tony Brooks is a masterful writer and speaker. I bought this book after a friend of mine recommended it, I found it so so practical and Tony has a way of making the profound seem simple and really really obvious. As a result of reading this book, I’m now a better communicator and am a better leader of the the teams that I manage. Simple stuff made thought provoking and practical. Thanks Tony.

Amazon Review BigPicKeith

Easy to read – full of helpful insights and practical…

Easy to read – full of helpful insights and practical recommendations – I have no hesitation in recommending this book to fellow business men and women.

Amazon Review

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