In my latest podcast I help raise your awareness of how your survival psychology can hijack you across 5 key areas:

  • The Belief you have Impostor Syndrome
  • Developing a Defensive Mindset
  • Destructive Negative Self Talk
  • The damage done by Ego
  • Isolation and the impact of Tribal Behaviour

Over the past 12 months I have researched this area, given a number of talks, spoke to business leaders and become increasingly aware of the prominent role survival thinking plays and how to manage it.

In this podcast I look at:

  • Why survival thinking is so strong in your daily thinking
  • Its impact on your self esteem and feelings of not being good enough
  • How pessimism can become your default setting
  • A look in the 5 ways survival thinking manifests and can hijack you
  • Examples from business leaders’ experiences
  • Ideas on ways to manage your survival thinking to realise more of your potential