My latest podcast interview was with Simon Raybould, presentation skills expert!

Simon started his working life as a researcher in the UK’s largest social science research unit, after a PhD which used stats to look for causes of children’s leaukemia.

That rigour stayed with him into his training days and what makes him unique is that he says he rarely “does opinion”. What people get is the science of “what works best most often, for most people”.

He’s also worked as a lighting designer, an actor, a playwright, authored 4 books and is a TEDx speaker.

… and he’s a reasonably competent fire eater!

On the Podcast:

  • We looked at two important reasons why we have an irrational fear of public speaking (and they both tie back to our survival instinct)
  • Some brilliant strategies Simon recommends for getting yourself in the best head space (including an adaption of Pavlov’s classical conditioning)
  • Why we need to see presenting as providing a gift of information that is valuable
  • Why Simon Sinek’s talk on “Starting with the why” was so brilliant!
  • The best talks Simon has experienced

Presenting and public speaking is a key skill to develop as a leader and I know you will find this a fascinating and useful 45 minutes!

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