This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Rachael Edmonson-Clarke for my Podcast Show.

Rachael is a Health Coach and Performance Transformation Partner and we know each other through the Professional Speaking Association, where she is soon to become the East Midlands President!

Rachael is healthily obsessed with the practical strategies that empower individuals and organisations to excel. Her mission is to foster higher-performing, more engaged, and compassionate workplaces that make a positive impact on the world, while ensuring that everyone on the journey enjoys the ride.

It was fascinating to delve into the fascinating realm of the biology of leadership, unraveling the science behind what makes great leaders tick and how you can apply these insights to create a lasting impact.

We spoke about:
✅Rachael’s journey from senior Sales & Marketing positions at companies like Mars to running her own business
✅How a person’s biology can influence both their mood and performance
✅How leader’s can take better care of themselves by focusing on the basics (NEWS)
✅What are the classic mistakes leaders make when they neglect their biology
✅The 4 ways to restore homeostasis
✅Why we need to think more like peak performance athletes!

You can find out more about Rachael HERE