This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Bailey for my Podcast Show.

Andrew is a Pricing & Negotiation Specialist and is focused on helping people win more deals, more often at higher prices!

During the episode we discussed the Psychology of Pricing, including:

✅ The issues people face psychologically when pricing their services and products
✅ Where people go wrong with pricing
✅ What helps in terms of mindset
✅ How people and businesses can charge what they are worth
✅ The pitfalls of negotiation
✅ The 4 critical skills to develop
✅ The most important piece of advice Andrew would offer around pricing!

I’m sure, like me, you’ve had and may continue to have challenges when pricing what you feel you are worth. If so, this will be a very important episode to listen to!

You can find out more about Andrew here 

And his website here