What a year 2022 has been! Globally, and I’m sure personally for you too.

You have no doubt faced challenges, learned new lessons and made changes.

The question for you now is what do you want 2023 to look like?

In my latest podcast I help you with some important thinking to close this year down and start the next one in the best possible way.

In this podcast I look at:

  • The importance of reflection to assess what went well, not so well and your priorities are for 2023
  • Clarifying the direction you intend to go in as you set sail in January
  • The goals, skills and changes that need to be made to grow
  • Quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily planning
  • The habits and routines that will bring the best out of you and your people
  • What are your sharks, lifebuoys, clouds and sunrays?

If you want to put yourself in the best place to start 2023, you can explore this in more detail in my latest ‘Leadership Mindset – Think, See, Do’ podcast episode.

**** For a copy of the ‘Reflection Worksheet’ please DM me on Linked In or email me at tony@thetonybrooks.com ****