The question is do you feel you have the right mindset to keep yourself positive and on track in 2021?

In my latest podcast (and blog) I help you with some important techniques and approaches to do just that. You need to focus on your mind fitness in the same way you would your physical health and fitness.

I believe our number 1 challenge in 2021 (as in any year) will be developing and maintain a positive mindset that will serve us well and keep us at our best.

In this podcast I look at:

  • Why it all starts with habits and routines
  • How optimism will energise you on the journey
  • The importance of being conscious to choose the way you think
  • Being your best coach
  • The right approaches to improve your inspiration and motivation
  • How growth mindset will serve you best
  • Taking time out for mind and body
  • No person is an island and we are always wise to reach out.