My latest podcast interview was with Andrea Pinchen, CEO of Leicester Tigers.

Andrea started her career in sales at AXA Health, then spent 11 years in leadership training at Emirates. She has now been at Leicester Tigers for 18 years, as head of commerce, COO and then CEO from May 20. Just as the pandemic and lockdown hit!

You may well know, but Leicester Tigers won the Premiership at the end of the 2021-2022 season. An amazing achievement.

Among many areas, Andrea and I talked about:
– What made the difference for Leicester Tigers to win the premiership this year
– What it would feel like to come 2nd or lower this season
– The critical importance of transparency
– The positive and negative ends of a battery
– “If you leave voids people will fill them”
– Why leaders need head space
– Survival psychology and specifically tribal behaviour in organisations
– Andrea’s personal challenges with her own thinking and decision making
– Leaving things in a better place than you found them