How are you going to be the best you can be in 2019?

This critically is about how you ‘Think’ and how you ‘See’ yourself, others and your world. Unless you keep a strong focus on this to keep your mindset strong and positive, 2019 will fall short for you.

This podcast focuses on 4 areas

Lifebuoys – what are the things you need to put in place as regular habits and your foundation to keep you in the best place both physically and psychologically

Sharks – what are the habits, behaviours and thinking that can harm you. What do you need to change and avoid?

Clouds – We now turn to the destructive thinking that we can all be guilty of and strategies to intervene when this happens. These are the “Clouds” that shift your thinking into negative area:

Sunrays – what strategies and interventions do you have to handle negative thought patterns and perspectives. Your “Sunrays” are the interventions that you use to burst through the clouds.