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#007 – Shaz Nawaz (Leadership Interview 1)

Shaz Nawaz is a Chartered Accountant, the owner of 4 businesses, author of 3 books, a Peterborough City Counsellor and a big cricket fan! Shaz shared his honest experiences and gave some great responses to a series of questions on his leadership journey.

#007 – Shaz Nawaz (Leadership Interview 1)2018-11-22T17:30:34+00:00

#006 – Leadership Energy (Leadership Insight 3)

This 'Leadership Insight' podcast looks at the importance of Leadership Energy. How do you influence with your demeanour, your emotional state, your body language and your energy

#006 – Leadership Energy (Leadership Insight 3)2018-11-22T17:30:54+00:00

#005 – Growth and Fixed Mindset (Leadership Insight 2)

This 'Leadership Insight' podcast looks at the differences between holding a Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset. It examines how important it is for us to move to a Growth Mindset view of our word, but individually and collectively within teams and organisations. How do you see your abilities?

#005 – Growth and Fixed Mindset (Leadership Insight 2)2018-11-22T17:31:14+00:00

#004 – Your Leadership Identity (Leadership Skill 2)

A focus on Leadership Skill 2 of our 9 core Leadership Skills. How you 'See' yourself as a leader currently and how you grow towards being the leader you aspire to be.

#004 – Your Leadership Identity (Leadership Skill 2)2018-11-22T17:31:35+00:00

#003 – Authentic Leadership (Leadership Insight 1)

A 'Leadership Insight' podcast episode examining the arguably controversial area of Authentic Leadership and when to show vulnerability, admit mistakes and be your 'true self'.

#003 – Authentic Leadership (Leadership Insight 1)2018-11-22T17:31:55+00:00