My latest podcast interview was with Taryn Lee Johnston, owner of 2 book publishing companies and she was the publisher for my first book in 2015!

For Taryn, words are everything. She is passionate about stories, whether they’re personal or business related. She believes that with the right guidance, everyone can tell their story. Taryn loves helping an author bring their words to life.

Taryn runs two independent publishing companies (FCM Publishing and Chronos Publishing) and a media agency (FCM Media), she’s also just created a new VR project called MetaReads.

Taryn and I discussed:

  • Why she has such a passion for books
  • How there is now no better way to position yourself as an expert than to write a book
  • What blocks people from writing their first book
  • How Taryn helps people write and publish their book, from start to finish
  • What makes a great non fiction book

You can find out more about Taryn at

And connect with her at