My latest podcast interview was with Colin Mobey from Windward Coaching and Teamship expert!

After 14 years working at EON in IT Consultancy and heading up Service Management & Support, Colin started Windward Coaching in 2020.

This has a focus on team development, TEAMSHIP and moving away from the concept of leadership being focused just on leaders, to it being in the hands of the WHOLE TEAM.

Outside of work Colin enjoys reading, yoga and geeking out on geek stuff!

On the Podcast we covered

  • Why stopping at a layby many times during a period of burnout led to an epiphany
  • Colin’s path to setting up Windward Coaching
  • His core philosophies, especially in relation to team performance and TEAMSHIP
  • Why would should focus on ROOT cause over symptoms with people problems
  • Why we should INVOLVE people more than ENGAGE them
  • How ‘Survival Psychology’ can impact the performance of teams
  • What he sees the future of teams looking like

You can find out more about Colin via LinkedIn here –

And this is the link to his personal website here –