My latest interviewee for the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series was John Dabrowski and in amongst a whole wealth of interesting topics we spoke about:

  • John’s journey from broke 5 years ago to having a successful international business
  • The importance of starting your day well in order to be more resilient
  • Why it is so crucial to be positive with yourself and others
  • The wonders of visualisation and dream boards


I’ve known John for several years and he’s always a fascinating and inspiring person!

John is now an international speaker, best-selling author and mental resilience expert. He is working with clients like Rolls Royce, Aviva, Hilton, Cunard and Nat West Bank. He’s spoken across the world including the Queen Mary2 and San Diego, where he spoke at the same conference as Barrack Obama!

In his early years he played professional basketball and also played for England – he still holds the current British record for the most points scored in a single match. which is 98.

He overcame great difficulties 5 years ago where at the age of 60 he was broke, living with his mum and decorating to pay the bills. He then applied the techniques and philosophy he now uses in his talks and masterclasses to turn his entire life around in dramatic fashion.


His insights from his journey and life experiences fill the 30-minute interview so grab a coffee and have a listen.