My latest interviewee for the ‘Leadership Mindset’ podcast series was Adam Harris and we covered many areas, including:

  • The benefits of morning and evening meditation
  • Journaling with purpose
  • Focusing on and achieving the right goals
  • Values – company, personal and family!
  • Delegating your ‘NOT to do list’


Adam is the Vistage Ambassador, Professional Speakers Association President (East Midlands) and head of his own company Fresh Mindset (in amongst a variety of other roles!)


Adam has worked his way up the business ladder, from being a trolley boy, and is now known as ‘The Introducer’. Adam helps business leaders to develop and leverage strategic networks for enhanced results.

He’s also the co author of ‘The Check in Strategy Journal’ – a unique business tool to help owners, managers and team leaders plan and deliver with accountability


Adam is always interesting company and I know the interview will bring you insights as to how you can change the way you ‘Think’, ‘See’ and ‘Do’ in your leadership role.