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Conference speaker and author Tony Brooks is recognised as an entertaining and inspirational speaker on leadership psychology and strategy.

Tony’s keynote speeches draw on the methods, experience and research of Positive psychology and his extensive experience of working with organisational leaders and employees, to take you and your audience on a captivating journey that will impact on your resilience, success and fulfilment as a leader.

Tony is regarded as an inspirational speaker and his speeches are based on his 7 step leadership model and book PI Leadership.

PI stands for ‘Positive Insight’ and examines the ways you can improve:

  • How you view and lead yourself to stay on top of your game
  • How you view and empower your people to get the very best from them
  • How you view your situations and push through challenges to achieve your goals

What Tony brings to you and your event audience

  • Practical ways to control negative thinking and raise confidence
  • How to develop clear and compelling direction for the future
  • Ways to push through the challenges on your path to success
  • Methods to create high performing teams and release potential

These are insights that have led other leaders and businesses to:

  • Increase turnover by 109%
  • Achieve top 100 status as Sunday Times best places to work
  • Win IOD Director of the Year

You and your team are guaranteed to leave one of Tony’s keynote speeches with strategies to implement immediately!

Example topics Tony speaks on

  • The Psychology of Resilience, Success and Fulfilment
  • Building a Positive High Performance Culture
  • Creating and Achieving Strategic Goals

Joint speech with Lydia Greenway (ex England Cricketer!)

Tony also has a joint keynote speech with Lydia called “What Sport and Psychology can teach Business”.

This focuses on:

  • Practical ways to work at your peak optimal performance levels
  • Proven approaches to lead people to get the very best results
  • How to create compelling goals and direction
  • Insights to build high performing and world cup winning teams
  • Methods to drive the right positive behaviours and relationships


Tony’s inspirational solo and due speeches are created bespoke for your event and speeches are suited for Conferences, leaders and Team Building Events. They can be tailored from 15 to 90 minutes.



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Tony Brooks - Keynote Speaker and Author

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